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About Wonder Racks


Stabilized Legs

Our overhead storage system adds shear stability by holding the rack frame at all four corners.  The added stability will keep your system from shaking or swinging.  It also allows us to offer you an unlimited leg length for more overhead storage space.

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Steel Frame

We use thicker, heavier steel than all our competitors.  Our 14-gauge powder coated steel frame provides you with a high quality, durable, scratch resistant product.

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Bolted Down Wire Decking

We use 5-gauge, scratch-proof, triple-wire decking that is bolted to the frame.  Bolting down the wire decking makes the system more solid and act as a sturdy, solid single unit.  Other systems use wire decking that is simply laid across the frame and adds no support value to the system.

Double Beam Bracket

We use a double beam bracket that allows our system to span and fasten into four beams instead of two.​

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Center Supports

We use three center supports that tie the 8-ft rack frame together from front to back. A lot of other systems only use one or no center support. Center supports keep the frame from twisting under load and help distribute the load more evenly across the rack, like a floor joist.​

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